Day 120 Summary #365 – Apr 30, 2015

I watched an artist talk by Ashley Gilbert tonight at the Nelson-Atkins. His bedrooms of the fallen work is incredibly moving. Words aren’t descriptive enough for how profoundly awestruck I was. The dramatic sense of loss he captures by showing us a panoramic, monochrome landscape of fallen soldiers most intimate sanctuaries is heart wrenching. The familiarity of everyday objects in life brings the viewer a perspective that someone lives here, and has stepped out. Only to get smacked with the realization that they will never return.

Hearing his stories and learning of the connections he has made was humbling to see. A major emotional investment and passion for this project.

It was difficult to get out and photograph my mundane daily shot. I’ve been eyeing this half of signage for awhile now. With my emotions wound up, this was as good a night as any.

I shot the “Human” side of the “Normal Human” sign down it Westport. Fallible, frail and entirely human is how this talk left me feeling.