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Day 120 Summary #365 – Apr 30, 2015

I watched an artist talk by Ashley Gilbert tonight at the Nelson-Atkins. His bedrooms of the fallen work is incredibly moving. Words aren’t descriptive enough for how profoundly awestruck I was. The dramatic sense of […]

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Day 119 Summary #365 – Apr 29, 2015

I’m am thinking about not posting the iPhone shots any longer. It may be getting confused with the actual 4×5 scans. Still undecided though. I have a new phone and in its setup I erased […]

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DAY 118 SUMMARY #365 – Apr 28, 2015

Lame silhouettes of geese at sunset. Large format not so good for small creatures in low light.

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Day 117 Summary #365 – Apr 27, 2015

Took a shot of my son after his haircut. I need to work more portraits in to this project.

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Day 116 – Apr 26, 2015

long drive day

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Day 113 – Image Result #film #365

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Day 112 – Image Result #film #365

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Day 115 – Image Summary and Result #film #365

This is the first time Ive posted the summary and shot as the same post. It’s taking things out of order, but I dont have the phone comparison shot from today.  I will probably be […]

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Day 111 – Image Result #film #365

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Day 110– Image Results #film #365

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Day 114 Summary #365- Apr 24, 2015

Getting this one out of the way early.

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Day 113 Summary #365 – Apr 23, 2015

The precarious contortions I put myself into. I managed to pull off a shot of a robin nesting, on large format from 3 ft away! Now if only it’s in focus/framed/exposed correctly.

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