Day 62 Summary – Mar 3, 2015

Back to buildings. I’ve always wanted to shoot the imperial brewery, but never had the motivation to approach it.

I attempted to contact the management company listed contact last week about access, but had no response. On to Plan b. Ponaks Mexican resturant is right across the railroad tracks. From there, there are no fences or signs that indicate to keep out staying on this opposite side of the tracks. I kept hoping for a train to pass, but did not want to press my luck further.

Technical detail, my proximity and pitiful amount of camera rise could not compensate for the height of the building. I had to tilt the tripod head which will cause converging verticals. blah. Cannot be helped with my ancient press camera and a wide angle lens.

In retrospect I probably should have switched out my normal yellow filter for an orange for all that red brick.

Here is an image of the top couple of floors.