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Day 90 Summary #365 – Mar 31, 2015

Three months down! Doing much better today. Shot a weird building on Southwest blvd. It has a bunch of mirrors on the facade and a waterline mural from one of the historic floods.

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Day 89 Summary #365 – Mar 30, 2015

My game is off. I spent 40 minutes screwing up three sheets of film trying to get a photograph of trees that aren’t super interesting. makes me wonder why the eff am I doing this […]

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Day 88 – Image Results #film #365

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Day 87 – Image Results #film #365

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Day 86 – Image Result #film #365

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Day 85 – Image Result #film #365

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Day 88 Summary #365 – Mar 29, 2015

We hiked a few miles out at Tallgrass national prairie today. We were surprised by the bison herd clustered around the main trail so I took two sheets with distant little black dots. wide angle […]

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Day 87 Summary – Mar 28, 2015

Made two sheets at the Combat Air museum in Topeka. One in the main hanger overlooking the collection of old planes, and a second in the restoration hanger. A fascinating place full of odds and […]

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Day 86 Summary #365 – Mar 27, 2015

Photographed the Boulevard brewery sign from the brewery parking structure. I couldn’t really find a composition that I liked.

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Day 85 Summary #365 – Mar 26, 2015

Photographed the pit of two recently demolished structures that were neff printing. I also saw some guy trying to hide in the rubble. I’m not sure if he was looking for copper salvage or had […]

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Day 84 – Image Results #film #365

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Day 83 – Image Result #film #365

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