Day 20 Summary – Jan 20, 2015

A little more positivity today, but I will still need to reshoot last nights sheet. 30s exposure with no cable release and today I see my camera lens is wide open. That means my sheet was at least 6 stops overexposed. I wasn’t on my game, that much is clear. Large format is a meticulous ritual. Missteps equals failure.

Tonight’s sheet is touristy. It’s rather a hidden gem though. I admit I’ve been living in the KC suburbs for 20 years and never visited. The Rosedale Arch was erected as a tribute to the soldiers lost in WWII from the Rosedale area. This neighborhood is situated on the Kansas side and the monument sits on a hill with a fantastic view of KCMO. Certainly a place I will visit again.

As usual iPhone shots and map.