Day 18 Summary – Jan 18, 2015

Today’s shot is a toss up. The resulting dilemma from not properly completing the rituals of large format.

Large format negative holders have several different methods for indicating if they have been exposed. This however depends on the photographer methodically performing the steps required. The negative carriers have what is called a dark slide, which is a piece of metal or plastic which is removed during the time of exposure and then flipped to indicate the exposure has occurred.

Not completely focused on the task at hand today, I either failed to flip the dark slide or exposed the same side twice.

I am just getting started on developing, so will know soon enough. I am either fine, or I have a double exposure and a developed blank sheet. I hope for the former, but expect the latter.

My target today was a mill and waterfall near Fredonia, Ks situated on the Fall River. I also stumbled upon a train derailment from three days past near Chanute, Ks. Bonus sheet day!

Only time will tell the final result. Here are the iPhone shots and a shot of dark slides to show what I was running on about.

Update! Success! 6 sheets, 6 images!