Day 4 summary – Jan 4, 2015

That giant orb in the sky is making my day 4 shot a challenge. No clouds present, hard light, and bitter cold.

My solution to the first two problems will accentuate the third. Shoot at sunset or after dark.

With a low of 8f and a -3f windchill tonight I think I’ll go with sunset.

My target today turned out to be the Majestic steakhouse in KCMO whose building is attached to a furrier that is no longer in business. The Majestic steakhouse professes to be the longest functioning steakhouse in Kansas City. The second and third floor facade is a wonderful bronze color which won’t show up in black and white.

I opted for an aperture of f22 at 1s to catch passing traffic and blur it in the foreground. As usual we will see in a few days how it turns out.

I didn’t grab any iPhone shots because I was too busy freezing.