Slowing it down.

I could easily shoot 200 images in an hour with digital.

Today’s 4×5 took two hours for me to shoot one image. I picked my composition, leveled the film plane, choosing my aperture, adjusted camera movements, shuffled about, fiddled about, relocated, and waited for a decisive moment.

My target was the Crown Center skating rink. My decisive moment was a father teaching his son how to ice skate, dangling him by the hand as he tried to keep balance. I haven’t processed it yet, but I am pretty sure I wont be satisfied. Random skaters zipped in between us just as I triggered the shutter.

We will see on developing day if I completely blew the timing. I will run developing of the sheet film every 4 days or so to conserve chemistry.

Here is a iphone shot from the ground glass tonight.

photo 1