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Day 31 Summary – Jan 31, 2015

Rainy all day today, so I took a trip to Topeka this morning. The Kansas state Capitol is a lovely building and pretty accommodating for photographers. They had no issues with my wandering around and […]

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Day 30 Summary – Jan 30, 2015

I spent about an hour waiting for a crane to frame new construction on the downtown KCMO skyline to no avail. Finally settled on shooting the Sprint center and the back of the power and […]

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Day 29 Summary – Jan 29, 2015

I am pre-disappointed with my shot today. Yet another instance of distraction. I was not concentrating on the task at hand. There will be a litany of problems with this negative. 5 stops under exposed, […]

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Day 28 Summary – Jan 28, 2015

I wanted today’s shot to be completely unlike any I’ve made so far. I went down to the Country Club Plaza hoping it would be filled with shoppers enjoying the unseasonably warm weather today. From […]

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Day 27 – Image Result

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Day 26 – Image Result

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Day 25 – Image Result

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Day 24 – Image Result

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Day 23 – Image Result

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Day 27 Summary – Jan 27, 2015

Thinking I would get a head start on today’s sheet, I went down to KCMO city hall over my lunch break. My plan was to run up to the observation deck and shoot down at […]

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Day 26 Summary – Jan 26, 2015

Rushed today to get a shot. Switzer School and West junior high were abandoned in the 1980s by the beleaguered KCMO school district. The oldest building in he complex was built in 1881. I read […]

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Apps I find useful for large format photography. #believeinfilm

Built in clock app – stopwatch for long exposures. Holders – Manage film holders, note details, geotag exposure, audio notation Massive Dev Chart developing table app – More developer and film combinations than I […]

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